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2006 CFP Issue: I-003 Outcome

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2006 Issue Form

Issue: 2006 I-003

Council Recommendation: Accepted as Amended
Delegate Action: Accepted 

All information above the line is for conference use only.

Title: Person in Charge (PIC) Designation During Non-Production Periods

Recommended Solution:

The Conference recommends that the Conference Chair send a letter to FDA recommending that Section 2-101.11 be amended as follows:


Designation of a person in charge during all hours of operations ensures the continuous presence of someone who is responsible for monitoring and managing all food establishment operations and who is authorized to take actions to ensure that the Code's objectives are fulfilled. During the day-to-day operation of a food establishment,a person who is immediately available and knowledgeable in both operational and Code requirements is needed to respond to questions and concerns and to resolve problems.

In cases where a Food Establishment has several departments on the Premises such as a grocery store with departments such as deli, seafood, and produce, and the Regulatory Authority has permitted those departments individually as separate Food Establishments, it is impractical for retail food operations with multiple venues under the same Permit holder and on the same Premises to staff each department with a PIC when there is little or no business taking place. While some activities in those departments do take place such as moving food products from a refrigerated display case to the walk-in refrigerator, cleaning the floors, or doing inventory when the department is not busy during special situations or specific time periods, a designated PIC for multiple departments or the entire facility can oversee these operations and be ready to take corrective actions if necessary.

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