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Dr. Ades Shares Views On Handwashing Risks, FSMA & Data

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Departmental collaboration: “What’s in it for me?"

Investing to lower operator risk of foodborne outbreaks and recalls is simplified with data. 

In the case of enhancing handwashing, operators are advised to first conduct a small scale internal test to facilitate the necessary cross-departmental collaboration. Initial data on actual handwashing rates converts otherwise nebulous discussions into a crystal clear challenge of today’s reality. Real numbers are needed to better address both the probability and severity of process shortfalls in this mission-critical food safety component.

Handwashing metrics are primarily required to reward success.

Dr. Gary Ades shares some important insights on establishing sustainable behavior change.

Gary often uses the analogy of a puzzle to graphically see the integration of key components to achieve enduring food safety solutions. Attached is a copy of his presentation where he connects the pieces of this behavior changing process.

Dr. Ades’s book, Food Safety: A Roadmap to Success is available. It is a hands-on book that discusses the key pieces of the food safety puzzle, culture, management commitment, organizational structure, implementation, and the glue that holds it together, communication/education/training, influence, accountability, and metrics.

Gary Ades is President of G&L Consulting Group, LLC. He is a hands-on food professional with over 40 years of experience working in the technical, manufacturing, sales and marketing areas of the Food and Food Service Industry. He provides Food Safety, Quality Assurance, Crisis Planning and Strategic Planning assistance to his clients (Farm to Fork) both in the US and internationally.

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HandsOn System

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