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Norovirus-Focused Handwashing in Restaurants (Part two)

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 Integrating noro-effective hand sanitizer with handwashing routines

A cleaning step followed by sanitizing has long been the most effective way to control surface cleanliness. This one-two punch should also be considered for hand hygiene, especially during high flu and norovirus periods.

By choosing the products separately, a combination to best match your situation can be assembled.

  1. Select the soap for frequent use, kindness to hands but effective at soil removal.
  2. Hand drying must be by single use paper towels as this adds helpful friction and is actually the final step in the cleaning process. A highly absorbent choice of paper with a pattern for added friction is a good combination. Check out Kleenex with 40% recycle.
  3. If norovirus is among your priority pathogens, chose Purell VF 481 as it is the documented best, proven with human norovirus.
  4. Position the sanitizer in those distant service areas where staff can conveniently use this intervention between washes.
  5. Use the hand sanitizer as the final cleanse of the day as it has emollient properties.

Consider the SaniTwice® protocol for added protection.

HandsOn™ System

HandsOn System

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SaniTwice for Catered Events

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Teaching Videos

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