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How should innovation be treated in a regulated environment?

SaniTwice® as an alternative protocol for soap/water handwashing was rejected by at least one of the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) Council III delegates because SaniTwice works best with patented Purell VF-481. This is based on its unique effectiveness on norovirus, the leading pathogen in foodborne outbreaks.

In reality, the SaniTwice protocol potentiates all alcohol hand sanitizers as it simply adds a cleaning step.

There are three shortcomings in the Model Food Code that are exposed in this 7 year pursuit of a protocol immediately accepted by the US military, for whom it was originally developed:

  1. Innovation is discouraged by virtue of the CFP codification process, weighted in favor of the regulatory partners.
  2. There is no codified standard for handwashing, nullifying any attempt to use science as the benchmark for change.
  3. The code overvalues product label claims and undervalues multi-step protocols. SaniTwice is first a removal of pathogens followed by a kill step. 

We are confident these three deficiencies are correctable. Industry Innovation must be encouraged in the interest of public health. Patent protected periods fuel further innovation.

Discussion is welcomed.

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