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International Clean Hands Week

International Clean Hands Week Poster 2019

Please join this annual campaign, sponsored by the CDC facilitated Clean Hands Coalition.  Raise awareness of the dangers of poor hand hygiene. Check out a variety of ideas to improve the away-from-home wellness factor in everyone's life.

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Thanksgiving’s Top 10 Tips For Healthy Hands & Wellness

Thanksgiving, the eater's favorite holiday. Ours always starts on Wednesday with a little pre-prep and gathering last minute supplies.

As joyous the occasion, it’s also a special feast day for bacteria and virus, particularly for salmonella and norovirus – the poster children for holiday pain. Staying well can make the difference between a memory of magic or misery. Good hand hygiene can do more for protecting holiday health than an over-cooked Turkey. 

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A Successful Culture Change Doubles Handwashing Rates

Data plus leadership records sustainable gains in handwashing behaviors.

Culture change is often cited as a requirement where hand washing rates need to be doubled to reach a safe level. The Atrio Restaurant in Carmel, Indiana, lead by Chef Peter Fulgenzi, took on that task, challenging his staff to accept their professional role in serving safe food and giving them a measurement tool to verify handwashing without filling in tedious logs.

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Trust In The Post-Coronavirus Era

Restaurant brand-building in 2020/21

Trust will likely be the primary driver that brings the public back to restaurant eating during the post-peak tail of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Differentiators will be those that actively display the operator's and staff’s true caring and process control. "In the case of restaurants, consumers are generally relying on the restaurant itself to take precautionary measures. That trust is perhaps where the biggest gap needs to be crossed.”  Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, VP of Marketing Stephen Loftis

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Pneumonia is an infection seeded in many other infections. It has more than 30 causes and kills 50,000 persons a year. The coronavirus, COVID-19, develops into its own variation of pneumonia, one of many that is not protected by the pneumonia vaccine.

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Handwashing Innovator Speaks Out on COVID-19

Dr. Emily Landon, the infectious disease doctor at the University of Chicago Medical Center, has spent most of the last decade improving hospital handwashing using data to motivate staff.

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Pre-Coronavirus Handwashing Investments Pay Off

Handwashing transparency valued by Millennials

Those foodservice operators who invested in handwash monitoring because of Norovirus concerns now add another, even more topical and contagious virus to their hit-list, Coronavirus. While these pathogens have many technical differences the two viruses share the property of living on hands and surfaces for a day or more.

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Coronavirus: The Good News

Eclipsed by Coronavirus media exaggerations and unforgivable politicalization, are the benefits of the public’s emerging better behaviors regarding hand cleanliness.

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Foodservice’s Perennial Handwashing Question Answered by Healthcare Research

Data unleashes sustainable solutions

Healthcare handwashing research rarely reaches the ranks of restaurant’s food safety and risk management professionals. A recent review of the impact of Electronic Handwash Monitoring in healthcare has answered the question that has held back serious evaluations by the restaurant industry: Handwashing data may increase policy compliance but does it reduce the risk of outbreaks?

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Soap Formulated For Frequent User

Chemical irritants removed

Fast-paced foodservice work results in frequent hand contamination. Frequent handwashing is a must but most hand soaps are formulated for few handwashes per shift with a focus on quick foaming and grease cutting. Both criteria can result in damaged skin which is then even harder to clean.

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Risk-Based Handwashing

Risk-Based Handwashing

Process control answers the rising risk

Years of poor handwashing has resulted in it becoming the default standard in foodservice across the country. The management complacency that followed blocks out the visibility of the rising risks. 

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Mitigate Risk: Motivate Hand-Washing

norovirus-associated disease rates by age group chart

Hand-washing continues to rapidly move from a tiring and trivial irritation to an existential threat. One restaurant operator faced a federal grand jury subpoena last year as part of a U.S.


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