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Hand Sanitizers

Flexible & Effective

Alcohol sanitizers are proven boosters to hand washing effectiveness in the foodservice arena. Not dependent on residual chemicals to kill pathogens, alcohol sanitizers do not carry the risk of possible food contamination and do not build microbial resistance.

Well formulated alcohol sanitizers have controlled-release systems which help spread the alcohol, hold it in place and then release the volatile elements once they have freed the hands of pathogens. Emollients take over as a final action to retain moisture at healthy levels.

USING SANTIZER. About 80% of common infections are spread directly by the hands, but there are times when hands are not visibly soiled or it just isn't convenient or possible to wash your hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizers are quick, convenient, gentle, and most important, highly effective against most common germs that may cause disease.

REMOTE SITE LOCATION? Try the Sani-Twice procedure. If you are faced with the situation where good hand washing facilities are not available use this Sani-Twice sanitizing routine:

  • Apply a generous portion of alcohol sanitizer, rubbing vigorously as in a Core Handwash. Wipe aggressively with paper towel before alcohol evaporates;

  • Repeat application but this time let air dry according to label directions.

While we share the FDA's preference for hand washing with soap and water the Handwashing For Life Institute views SaniTwice as a better alternative than a "non-handwash". This procedure can provide a 2 log reduction in microbe count and significantly reduce the risk of contamination.

In establishing your Hands-on process, map the food flow and indicate Sanitizer Intervention Points. This will help locate the dispensers for maximum food worker convenience. Remember to consider server station locations, often a point for incidental food contact. Even your customers will appreciate access to a Hand Sanitizer dispenser both for personal use and as a visual cue of customer care. Visit: Hands-On

The Alcohol Sanitizer Selection Checklist:

  1. Supplier credibility: documented product efficacy.

  2. Features: wetting & controlled evaporation system (a good hand sanitizing procedure should last 15-20 seconds before the product evaporates).

  3. User appeal: spread, coverage and feel on hands

  4. After effects: hand moisture maintainers, smooth hands

  5. Dispenser system: counter in unit, reliable, fast/easy refilling

  6. Airless/sealed bag packaging, maintains active ingredient and chemical balance

  7. Food safe formulation

Leadership Companies

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