Handwashing for Life

Overcoming Underwashing

The Tactics & Tools for Effective Monitoring

HFL HandsOn Strategy

The Tactics & Tools for Effective Monitoring

The tactics to build an effective and enduring handwash monitoring program are directly determined by its parent-strategy of adding handwash monitoring to the brand-protection bundle. The toolbox is loaded first with risk-assessment options geared to setting standards. Optimizing the equipment and supplies is followed by setting the conditions for success. Training tools lead on to monitoring and verification resources.

Risk Assessment

Identify and verbalize the risk of the unwashed hand. Rank surfaces at highest risk for cross-contamination.

Setting Standards

Establish clear standards for individual and team level success.

Optimize Conditions For Success

Insure the Conditions for Success are in place before training. If compliance isn't convenient and isn't user friendly, it isn't done.

Train & Motivate

Convert to a culture of cleanliness. This step intoduces best practice tools, techniques and materials to motivate behavior change.

Monitor & Verify

What gets measured and rewarded gets done. Rewarding the good and disciplining the less-than acceptable behaviors are key to sustainability.

Handwash monitoring by observation has been an  important component in understanding employee handwash behaviors but it is not a stand-alone solution to motivating more handwashing. Handwashing rates in most of the foodservice industry are less than desired by the operators themselves. It is commonly 30% of what their food safety professionals consider a safe level. Years of under-washing can be remedied with good management skills together with the help from a choice of today's electronic data gathering technologies. Five different solutions are presented on a performance-comparative matrix. All provide good decision making information and create opportunities to reward the good washers as well as their managers who motivate them.

HandwashingforLife Monitoring Matrix

HandwashingforLife Monitoring Matrix

HandsOn™ System

HandsOn System

5 steps to convert underwashing to under control. Set and track your risk-based ServeReady® Hands and TouchReady® Surface standards.

SaniTwice® for Catered Events

SaniTwice for Catered Events

Uncompromised hand cleanliness for those serving food at venues without running water.

Teaching Videos

Teaching Videos

Globally recognized for their ease of use in any language. Available in DVD and MP4 file download.

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