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Handwash Quality: Skill Training & Visual Feedback

“If my hands look clean, they are clean.” WRONG!

Hand Washing QualityThe invisible threats of the microbial world are easy to ignore.

Bring the world of microbial darkness "to light" via pathogen simulation techniques. Applying a tracer lotion (before hand washing) that is revealed under ultra-violet light exposes poor hand washing practices.

Let food workers see the importance of hand washing, see the result of their current hand washing techniques and practice until they are perfect. Using a tracer lotion, areas missed by the user's normal hand washing procedure can be demonstrated using ultra-violet light. Corrective actions can be taken immediately.

While this procedure was initially developed for enhancing hand-washing quality, its secondary benefit may be even greater. By making this a visual experience, food worker's better understand the need to wash. They can also witness the reality of cross-contamination.

Best Practice. To achieve the highest level of quality assurance install a dispenser of tracer lotion and a UV light at the employee entrance hand wash station. Make it a policy that every employee passes the “tracer” test prior to beginning each shift. Leave the pathogens at the door.

Handwash Quality Checklist:

  1. Use non-toxic tracer lotion and UV light to test employee hand washing techniques.
  2. Install permanent tracer dispenser and UV light at employee entrance hand wash station. Make daily use a “policy.”
  3. Use tracer lotion with adhesion characteristics matched to potential pathogens.
  4. Encourage employees to “tracer” wash when leaving work.

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Brevis Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

For over 20 years the Brevis Corporation has been helping improve hand hygiene with continued research and new product development. Brevis was created by J. Gordon Short, MD, a board-certified pathologist. For further insights into his germ simulation (tracer lotion) teaching techniques visit http://www.brevis.com/.

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