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The Hand Hygiene CFP Issue Incubator

The Conference for Food Protection (CFP) is a valuable forum to enhance away-from-home food safety by guiding operators via biennial updates of the FDA's Model Food Code. Issues are submitted for Council discussion early in January of the same year as this biennial event. (http://www.foodprotect.org/)

The Hand Hygiene CFP Issue Incubator will gather unresolved hand hygiene issues from a broad audience of operators and regulators who will prioritize based on risk. Only those agreed as important by participants will be finalized for submission. Participants will hone the issue language for maximum understanding by the designated Council of which there are three:

  • Council I -- Laws and Regulations
  • Council II -- Education, Certification and Administration
  • Council III -- Science and Technology

Besides saving precious CFP face-to-face time, this process looks to engage interested parties who may not attend the CFP and those state voting delegates who are unable to attend all three of the overlapping committee tracks held during the CFP. Participation in The Hand Hygiene CFP Issue Incubator simply requires creating an account on this website to be able to comment without approval first. All you need is a screen name, or first and last name works great, and a valid email address (ensure it is entered correctly).

Please submit any additional issues you would like to see considered, please contact Jim Mann.


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